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We take care of the management of your requirements and certification activities so that you can focus your efforts on developing your product

We analyze your customer requests and break them down into system requirements and design specifications, which can then be implemented by the development teams. We create for you the set of test cases required to verify your product against the system requirements, your customer requests as well as any market certification requirements

Your benefits include:

■ Access to consistent, proactive support, regardless of project size
■ Our Expertise in the most commonly used ALM tools for Requirements Engineering and Project Planning
■ Our expertise in compliance with international labor regulations and legal requirements
■ Guaranteed compliance with all local, national laws, regulations and international ISO standards
■ Complete relocation management and ongoing management support
■ Risk mitigation expertise

Here’s What We Can Do for You

Our systems engineers are available to support you throughout your new project development with advice on systems development and certification issues

Our Systems Engineering capabilities include:

System Requirements Analysis
System Architectural Design
Component Requirements Analysis
Component Architectural Design
System Qualification Test
Component Qualification & Integration Test
Quality Assurance
Verification Management
Configuration Management
Review Management
Change Management
Risk Management
Process Improvement
Supplier Tendering & Monitoring
Product Release

Our Certification Services Includes:

Bluetooth Qualification in accordance with
2014/53/EU RED and FCC Standards

Wi-Fi Qualification in accordance
with IEEE 802.11 b /g / n/ a / ac Standards
For 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Networks

4G/LTE Qualification in accordance
with 2014/53/EU RED and FCC Standards

Automotive Conformance for CAN,
LIN & Automotive Ethernet Network Standards

Why do I need Systems Engineering in my Project?

System engineers act as the processing function that translates your customer requests into a more understandable and structured form from which your product can be developed.

They are also the intelligent interface between your team and the third-party teams of sub-components suppliers and components testers.

They ensure that a uniform structure is developed, and a consistent approach taken within your team and between them and all the third-party teams.

We support your project from the initial negotiation stage until the point when your product is complete. Negotiation planning, development management, documentation production, and release management are all integral parts of our service.

In summary: Systems Engineers have the key role in making your project development successful and can save you time and money over the duration of your project by preventing problems before they occur.

Here at Clever Circuits, we have built up, within our organization, a team of talented and experienced system engineers who can deliver for you the expertise to maximize your performance.

Why do I need to certificate my Product?

To market your product, it will need to meet all the applicable safety and quality legislative and regulatory requirements and comply with all relevant industry-specific standards.

This is particularly important for certification of standard interfaces like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, etc.

The quality of your product manufacture is assured to your customers.

The requirements of your Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are definitively proven to be fully met.

Compliance can deliver competitive advantages, especially in the markets for communication products where compliance to recognized and globally recognized test marks is required.

How do Systems Engineering facilitate the certification of my product?

The project starts with a thorough requirements identification process. This allows us to describe Your product according to its desired features and required interfaces.

The result of this process is that we can design the complete certification specification for your product certification process.

Standard requirements for product certification include labeling, user manuals, datasheets and test reports which can be easily generated from this certification specification.

We have developed modular certification specifications for previously certified product components including Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi and other interfaces which can be re-used as required delivering savings in both time and costs.

This makes it easier for us to initially classify Your product using one or more of our certification specification modules. We then can focus our efforts on developing Your remaining customer-specific requirements with You and Your customer so these can then be integrated with the standard modules, reducing the work required to produce your customized certification specification.