We know from experience that engineers are always deep on the technical side of the project, while they barely step into the administrative and financial part of it.

This is the reason why we mix our engineer team with experienced specialists devoted to the controlling of the project from the financial perspective.

The tight collaboration between these two groups of people, with different background and perspectives, built us this unique fame:

“They Negotiate Everything for You!”

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Planning & Leading

We analyze our projects daily, especially during the initial stages, to ensure the best possible start and outcome.

We do it for all the different aspects: technical, financial and human. We plan everything in the greatest detail.

We choose from the beginning the right tools for our project. It doesn’t matter if we have to invent them! Everything has to be in place when we start working on the project.
This will ensure the timely delivery of Your project.

Our slogan is:
“Use tools to achieve your work and don’t work for your tools!”

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Our Experience in Embedded Software and Embedded Firmware extends to many platforms such as Texas Instruments, Microchip, Atmel, NXP, Infineon and others.

Our Team can make developments with or without Operating Systems, depending on the needs of Your project.

We design the Smart Hardware for our platform and test it according to the standards that You define.

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In most of the cases, the prototypes are not prepared to be certified. Engineers are very deep in the development side and do not address this topic. We can do this job for You!

We estimate Your product interfacing and collect for You the full list of the norms which You have to fulfill for the specific market where You want to release Your product.

Then we present You with a suitable and price-sensitive offer that we negotiated with our accredited test partners.

We closely follow all the tests done on Your product. We review the documentation and certificate drafts for You. Finally, You are delivered Your desired Certificate.

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Let us show You what real support means!

You just have to tell us what Your issue is, and we create the suitable troubleshooting for it, no matter whether Your product was developed by us or not.

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Our documents are reviewed by different dedicated Engineers according to their area of expertise.

Just ask us for a Demo and you will see what we mean.

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