Our diagnostic Products are composed of embedded devices built onto a hardware platform using smart firmware.
They are able to manage a range of different types of Diagnostics such as:

  • Data logging of CAN, LIN & Automotive Ethernet
  • Camera Data Logging and Transfer to Central Server using Ethernet
  • Data Logging for Predictive maintenance of machinery

Our Firmware

We have extensive experience in firmware development for many platforms using a variety of real-time operating systems including FreeRTOS

Our Software

Our Software design processes are PC based using Windows and Linux. We have professional experience in developing software using C, C++, C#, LabVIEW and other tools and languages

Our Hardware

We develop intelligent and cost-effective hardware by using productivity tools such as Altium Designer and other EAD professional tools. We simulate the analogue components of our designs to produce optimized circuit values

Our Mechanics

Our mechanical engineering team is experienced in developing components using 3D modelling and simulation by using tools such as Inventor, Solid Works and others

Types Of Diagnostics

Our expert team is always available to develop your Ideas using the right products. We are on hand to answer your questions

AI artificial inteligence Attendance System

Camera Face Detector

By integrating two deep learning algorithms with a monitoring camera, we have developed a set of tools that provide the facility to keep track of your employees as they come and go in and out of a building, recording the times and the number of hours that they are effectively at work. The basic process is divided into two stages, namely the Face Detection and then the Face Recognition.


  • Wireless Ethernet Interface
  • API to MySQL Database
  • Front end compatible with the most used browsers like Mozilla, Chrome & Internet Explorer
  • Full design specification including Software description

Our Face Detection system has a modular design and can, therefore, be easily adapted to your specific requirements. Please contact us for more Details.

AI artificial inteligence Attendance System

Firmware for Predictive maintenance of machinery

We have developed an artificial intelligence-based maintenance predictive analytics solution that can be used to estimate when any given system will require a maintenance intervention. The analysis is performed by using self-learning algorithms that continuously evolve themselves to the changing conditions. Our Firmware implemented solution successfully passed all its tests and was able to perfectly predict the maintenance requirements in a range of working environments.


  • Developed as a firmware solution
  • Only requires small modifications to be used on different hardware
  • Full design specification including Firmware description

Our Predictive maintenance Firmware has a modular design and can, therefore, be easily adapted to your specific requirements. Please contact us for more details.

Data logger for CAN, LIN & Automotive Ethernet

Our Data logger records CAN, LIN & Automotive Ethernet bus data for diagnostic purposes. Our developed data logger consists of CAN, LIN & Ethernet Drivers connected to the powerful TMS570 MCU device to record all bus data exchanged between the CAN, LIN & Automotive Ethernet ECUs installed in the vehicle. Our Data logger stores the recorded data and can send it to any connected PC equipped with a compatible User Interface.


  • CAN, LIN & Automotive Ethernet EMC stable Interfaces
  • Compact and robust Design
  • 7 Inch touch Display enables the use of the Datalogger without any external device
  • Qt-Interface programmed on Linux with App Design similar to Android
  • SD Card Slot for up to 128 GB Memory Card
  • PC Connectivity via Ethernet or USB
  • Programmable Current, Voltage and Temperature Measurement Interfaces
  • Full design specification including hardware, firmware and software description

Our Automotive Datalogger has a modular design and can, therefore, be easily adapted to your specific requirements. Please contact us for more details.