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The Path to a successful project always starts with a solid foundation

We support you with estimates for the components required and identify sub-components suppliers and component testers.
Our engineering team include experienced specialists devoted to the financial control of the project to ensure costing is included in all development decisions.
The tight collaboration between our technical and financial specialists with their different background and perspectives provides a unique feature for our services:
“We Help Negotiate Everything for You”


We deal with major players across a range of business sectors including automotive, industrial appliances, home automation, IoT and AI

Clever Circuits

We analyze your project requirements and provide you with an estimate of the costs to give you a solid negotiation base with your customer

Our Customer

Using our estimation of development costs and timescales, we ensure that you have the upper hand during negotiations and help get you the best deal

Negotiation Steps

Our negotiation experts are focused on supporting you and are available to answer your questions

Background Support

We support You while you are negotiating your project with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
We can act as a team member within Your organization during negotiations, representing your best interests whilst appear to be part of your company in front of the OEM.


We can provide You with a technical analysis of your customer requests, whether or not you are acting as a First-Tier Supplier.
We aim to provide you with a global view of the project in terms of the development timescales and engineering resources required.
Our analysis activities are undertaken in as brief a period as possible to avoid delays, this period ranging from few days to a few weeks, depending upon the complexity of your project. It is normally scheduled to take place during the negotiation period, thus making sure all key stakeholders are easy to reach and available to respond to requests.

Service Interface Agreement

We have the experience of working on projects with First-Tier Suppliers that required the establishment of a Service Interface Agreement with their OEMs.
This is, in our opinion, the most important part of the quotation process.
Using our vast experience and in-depth knowledge, Clever Circuits can help You to save money and negotiate the best deal with Your OEM.

Financial Estimation

While analyzing your requests to the OEM, we can provide an estimate of the total budget of the project taking into account both the internal and the external working packages.
We provide you with a realistic and fully-transparent calculation of the project costs, to allow you to determine the financial implications and requirements of the project.

Required Second-Tier Suppliers

We support you in finding the best supply sources for the OEM.
We arrange your requests to the OEM in two different categories:
The first category of requests contains the job package which can be done by you as a First-Tier Supplier to the OEM. We double-check with you whether you have the essential capabilities to undertake this job.
The second category of requests comprises the remaining job packages which are required to be done by external companies as Second-Tier Suppliers to the OEM. This addresses the jobs for which you do not have the required capabilities available. We make sure that all the selected Second-Tier Suppliers have the required expertise to successfully complete their job packages.

Required Products and Components Testers

As for the requirement for Second-Tier suppliers, we identify the requirements for support from external product and component testers.
The external product testers will test the entire product in all respects to validate the product.
The external component testers are responsible for testing the different components which build-up the product. They are usually related to, or provided by, the Second-Tier Suppliers to verify the product components.
Our team can verify the suitability, expertise and availability of the external product and component testers.

Recruitment Support

From our experience, whilst most of our customers maintain a small internal team of specialists for long-term engagements, in order to initiate new projects they usually need to reinforce their team with additional resources.
We have the capability to provide an alternative to this recruitment requirement by using a well-known recruiter to provide us with candidate engineers from their pool of available resources. We select the right experts that are a fit for your specific project and build them into an external team, which is then ready to work jointly alongside Your internal team of specialists.

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We are ready to provide you with more information if needed, to answer any question you may have or to help you create an effective solution for your product requirements

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