We Collect, Correct, Create and Combine All Documents Needed

We collect and bundle the various document types and forms from your team, sub-components suppliers, components testers and certification houses together in a standard structure to provide the reference material required to generate a formal Declaration of Conformity (DoC).


Required Documents include Code Description Files for Firmware, Hardware Design Specification and Simulation reports, Datasheets and Test Reports

Clever Circuits

We collect all the released documents produced by our team and the other suppliers and then structure them to generate the final Declaration of Conformity

Our Customer

We ensure that when Your product is released, it is well documented, validated, certified and ready for distribution to the target market

Development Specification
We document your firmware, software, hardware, and mechanical development activities with the necessary details to support the components, both for a technical and a non-technical audience. This ensures you the best understanding of the components
Test Specification
We document the tests procedures and results for your product, including traceability to the required features of your product
We provide a professional user manual and all related datasheets to ensure that the certification process is a simple task for any market around the world
Clever Circuits
We collect the final documents and reports produced both by our team and the other teams and structure them in a consolidated final release, delivered to you as your Declaration of Conformity
Our Customer
We ensure that when your product is released it is well documented, certified and ready for the target markets

Our Documentation Benefits

We Provide You with Full Support of the Documentation Phase of Your Project

Software and Firmware Documentation

Our source code is structured using headings, line and block comments. We use professional tools like Doxygen and Sphinx to create HTML and Word-based documents.

Hardware Documentation

Our hardware is designed using professional electronic design automation software packages for printed circuit boards like Altium Designer. We produce a complete hardware design specification for our customers, based on datasheet inputs of the chips used in the design including the results of our calculations and simulations.

Test Documentation

We provide you with a full set of documentation including the results of the accomplished tests. Our documented test specifications include the test plan, the test cases related to the standard requirements for the intended market, the test scenarios, and a traceability matrix used to demonstrate that the customer requirements for the product have been fully validated.

Conformity Documentation

We collect the completed certificates produced by our team, or by other external test houses, and structure them in the final Declaration of Conformity.