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Customer Requests

We develop your customer requirements, derived from your requests for specific functions into a coherent set of product features. The agreed set of product features are then baselined as the initial product requirements

Stakeholder Requirements

From the product features, we create the necessary system requirements, which form the framework of the product architecture


Our prototypes include all planned features and any change requests received from you, the customer


We test the developed prototypes against the system requirements to verify the implementation is error-free and we validate the developed prototypes against your customer requirements and the applicable standards you have specified to ensure the implementation is fully compliant


We deliver the validated prototypes/products and provide you with assistance during the commissioning process

Our Development Workflow

Our Project Managers and Systems Engineers are dedicated to supporting you and answering your questions

Customer Requests Negotiation & Analysis

Following the Scrum methodology, we designate a Product Owner who is responsible for maximizing the value of your customer requests. He analyze these requests and negotiate the exact requirements with you.

Our Product Owner is responsible for the creation and management of the Product Backlog of your project, expressing these are technical functions or user stories. He is responsible for the prioritization of the technical functions and user stories in the Product Backlog in order to best achieve your goals and missions.

He is responsible for optimizing the value of the work the Development Team performs.

He is responsible for ensuring that the Product Backlog is visible, transparent, and clearly shows what our Scrum team will work on next.

He is responsible for ensuring our Development Team fully understands the technical functions and user stories defined in the Product Backlog to the level that is required to implement them correctly.

Stakeholder Requirements Handling

Our Systems Engineers are responsible for refining your customer requests into stakeholder requirements and then transforming these into systems requirements which can be further decomposed into software, firmware, hardware or mechanical requirements.

Our Systems Engineers are responsible for building your product releases with the defined features (a group of systems requirements) for each release and to schedule them into defined increments (sprints) as agreed between our Product Owner and you.

Beginning with the prototyping

After creating the Product Backlog, we select the technical functions and user stories that are designated as being applicable for the first Prototype release and schedule them in the first Sprint.

Our Sprints contain and consist of the Sprint Planning, Daily Scrums, the development work, the Sprint Review, and the Sprint Retrospective.

We regularly refine the Product Backlog to meet your developing requirements.

We ensure that our Product Owner and our development team have enough time to complete the decomposition, review/refinement of the Product Backlog and produce estimates.

Testing our prototypes

We test our prototypes thoroughly before delivering them to you. Our test procedures consist of multiple test scenarios to ensure full coverage of all the prototyped functions.

The process starts with our software test team performing unit tests to identify implementation errors in the software, whilst our hardware engineers test the designed hardware to ensure is functions correctly within the specified norms of the device.

Once the separate software and hardware tests are completed, we undertake system testing of the integrated software and hardware. This is the complete prototypes system and is your product.

Once all testing is complete, your prototype/product is ready to be delivered to you.

Product / Prototype delivery

We deliver you a tested and validated product/prototype and assist you by supporting your own system integration activities.

Our aim is to see your complete system which incorporates our product/prototype operating in accordance with your functionality requests.