Our biggest experience is in Firmware development on many platforms. Please refer to our portfolio for more details.


Our Software design is based on PC under Windows and Linux. We have professional experience in C, C++, C#, LabVIEW and more tools. Please contact us to know more about.


We develop clever and cost sensitive Hardware by using Altium Designer and other EAD professional tools. We normally deliver all necessary tested prototypes and small series during our projects.


Our mechanical team is experienced in 3D modelling and simulation by using Inventor, Solid Works and other tools.


Firmware for Sensor Calibration

Software for Logging data

Bus Simulation

Firmware for CAR Sharing

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4 biggest projects
in automotive Area.
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Development of a Firmware for the Self-Calibration of Pressure Sensors
We developed specially for You a Firmware meant to detect the instabilities of the pressure sensor's membrane and to trigger a calibration curve on the fly. Based on a 8-bit Multipoint Control Unit, the complex mathematical modelling behind the Firmware involve parameters like the temperature and humidity of the sensor's ambiance. The power consumption of the sensor does not increase during the calibration period, which never exceeds 10 seconds. Moreover, through an embedded self-learning algorithm, this Firmware helps the sensors to become more performant and precise during their lifetime. No more need to mount expensive membranes into the sensor!
Development of a Datalogger for Data Storage during Test Trips and in Laboratory Trials
This Datalogger was developed upon request for one of our Customers, to be used by the First Tier Supplier in their car tests. Thanks to its big NAND-Flash Memory, the Datalogger is set to store data up to 6 hours of operation. The stored data is provided by the CAN, LIN and automotive Ethernet networks and it is used for testing the three network protocols within the car. The Datalogger is connected to the standard on-board diagnostic OBD II interface inside the car. We built a friendly graphical user interface that filters the recorded data and shows it as specific plots, thus allowing the Test Engineer a quicker and better understanding and troubleshooting of the car network state. In this way, the Electronic Control Unit errors and message collisions can be easily detected, analysed and fixed.
Development of a CAN / LIN RestBus Simulation
The RestBus simulations allows to test independently various control units, without the need to build up the complete bus. This is done through simulating messages from different control units of the network. Modern testing of automotive vehicles cannot be done without RestBus simulations of different complexities. Our developed RestBus simulates 8 Electronic Control Units (ECUs) operating in a Testing Car. We used the popular CANoe Software Tool from Vector Informatik, with their CAN & LIN Network Interface Hardware VN8900. As for the real ECUs, we set inside the simulations the stepper motors for windshield wipers and the air conditioning installation.
Firmware for Car Sharing Application
We developed jointly with our car test supplier an automotive-based Firmware for a Car Sharing Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is simply placed inside the car and is especially suitable for upgrading the car to safe sharing functionalities. Our Firmware is based on a security-stack and offers 99% security for the borrower.


Windows Automation

Thermal simulation for Water Pumps

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mechanical projects.
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Mechanical Gear for Window Automation
With one DC Motor we realized an Automation for Windows. The designed gearbox is capable to open / close and tilt windows. It is as small as the standard window handle and it can be used manually in case of electrical breakdown or when the automation is not possible anymore. The installation of the gear on Your window takes only 15 minutes!
Thermal Simulation for Water Pumps
Our Mechanical Engineering Team designed a thermal simulation for Water Pumps. The objective was to determine the lowest temperature point inside the water pump, as being the most appropriate place for the high-power electronic motor driver of the pump.



Attendence System

Predictive maintenance of machinery

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AI projects.
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iRobot Vacuum Cleaner
Our Software Engineers made the robot capable of collecting information about its environment and adapting to the surroundings for better and faster cleaning. Moreover, the machine learning algorithms at its basis allow the robot to get smarter and smarter every time it works.
Automated Attendance System using Deep Learning
By integrating two deep learning algorithms and a monitoring camera, we were able to provide all the tools needed to keep track of your employees come and go time and of the number of hours they are effectively at work. The basic process is divided into two stages, namely the Face Detection and then the Face Recognition.
Predictive maintenance of machinery
We developed for You an artificial intelligence-based maintenance predictive analytical tool, used to estimate when a given system is requiring a maintenance intervention. The analysis is performed by self-learning algorithms that continuously tweak themselves to the evolving conditions. Our tool successfully passed all the tests and was able to perfectly predict maintenance needs in all working environments.


Control of Miniature brushless motors

Control of high powered PMSM

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different power brushless Motors.
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Simultaneous Control of three Miniature Brushless Motors inside a Camera
Rotating the Zoom of a big Film Camera with one single DC Motor generates a vibration that makes some shoot frames blurred and unclear. Our Team designed a Firmware which was able to control three Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors of the camera simultaneously. Based on measurements of the current passing through each motor and without any external sensors, the Firmware was able to ensure the coordination of these motors in order to ensure the vibrationless functioning of the camera.
Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Electrical Cars
We designed a Firmware to control the permanent magnet synchronous motor designed to be used in electrical cars. The Firmware senses the position and the current of the motor, measures the temperature and humidity of the environment and finally calculates automatically the optimum Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) for the gate driver.


Window Automation

Firmware for new Washing Concept

Firmware for handleless Dish Washer

Ecopower as energy storage system

Flowmeter's New Generation

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Window Automation
With this smart device, Windows at Your home can open automatically and close again after a predefined time. This generates the needed air circulation in the rooms, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. The device is controlled by default via Bluetooth App. Additional Plugins make it compatible to Wi-Fi, KNX and other networks.
Firmware for New Washing Concept
The new concept of Washing machine is to get a 12 KG drum size inside the standard Washing machine that is 60 cm width. Placing 3D sensors on the left and right sides of the drum and regulating drum’s motion via our Firmware makes it possible to realize this concept.
Firmware for Handless Dish Washer
For this project, we used knock sensors to control a Dish Washing Machine. Namely, sensors regulated by our Firmware are placed on the upper side of the door of the dish washer. By knocking on the kitchen board near the dish washer, the device opens; repeating the same gesture closes the dish washer.
cc.ecopower is an energy storage device consisting of a power inverter / charger and a high capacity battery package. This device can be used as a central electricity generator for houses and offices, as well as a mobile electrical source for airplanes, boats, caravans and camping tents and any other places without permanent access to electricity. cc.ecopower is eco-friendly and produces no pollution or noise. It turns on all electrical appliances such as coolers, TVs, ACs. It can be used with solar panels, too.
Flowmeters’ New Generation
This is a new generation of Ultrasonic Water Flowmeter with higher water temperature up to 90°C, 15 years of battery life and large 9 digits OLED display. Thanks to our smart Firmware, the flowmeter calibrates itself at predefined time intervals.


Firmware for Secure BLE

Smart Home Application

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for Home Automation.
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Firmware for Secure BLE Application
Based on the TI Chip CC2640, we designed our Firmware with secure BLE stack. We already created our BLE Profile and Services and we also developed our own BLE App for Android devices to get them connected to the BLE Chip. We are already registered in Bluetooth SIG.
Smart Home Application for Tablets
We designed for You a smart Home Application for 10-inch Tablets. The Application is connected to a KNX network and can control all KNX sensors & actuators at Your home.